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Privacy Protection

The privacy statement of the website of Tebian Electricity Apparatus Stock Co., Ltd. ( hereafter referred to as This Website) is the commitment to protect personal information. We strictly obey the following protective policies when you visit this website with the purpose of formatting the informaition you provided.


1. Personal Information

TBEA website will not collect your personal information through this website (include but not limited to your name, address, company or email address, which is generally called Personal Information) except for your registration to use this website or the information you provide according to the necessity (for example to provide information in time of registration or investigation), or those information that we can collect under law. If you provide personal information we will make use of it the time we answer your inquiry, deal with the order or provide you information or quotation.


2. limit of Application

This website only makes use of the personal material under these circumstances:

(1)To have got you personal approval;

(2)To save you out of danger for the sake of your life, health, or property;

(3)To prevent severe harm to others, to maintain public advantages;

(4)to satisfy the necessity of prosecution or deraignment;

(5)To prevent fraud or other illegal activities.


3. Communication and Information Application

When you enter our website by means of telecommunication, these information will be created and summed up to personal information: the information exchange (the agreed address of the internet) or the application of information (for example the original entry information, ending information and the coverage, your entry information to telecommunication.). If it is compulsory, the collection, manage and application of information will be in accordance with the relative law or statute.


4. Auto-collection of Impersonal Information

When you visit this website, we will collect the impersonal information automatically for example the type of browser and operation system under use, the website you are at before your register this website, the times of visit, the average time of your visit, the numbers of the pages you visited one time etc. We may possibly make use of this information to find out the status of websites and make improvement of the content.


5. The Functions of Cookies

Cookies are a kind of data document that sent to your browser and saved in your hardware, which occupied only a small portion of the hardware. In order to make your requirement known to us and provide personal service, we use cookies technology to save and track your activities on this website and these cookies can only be read by this website. If your browser is pre-set as Refuse to Cookies, you can still get access to our website. If you do no want to be identified please make reference to the instruction in the browser, you can choose to delete the cookies from the hardware, stop all the cookies, or receive warnings before you save the cookies.


6. Links to Other Website

There are links to other website in this website, but we are not responsible to the content of these websites and their request of privacy. We suggest that you read the privacy policies of these websites before you use them.


7. Information Safety

The material you provided will remain privacy and will be strictly managed and protected by our website unless you agree to reveal one item or many items of your information. You and your quotation will never be revealed or sold to any other organizations.


8. Out of Duty

TBEA is also out of duty under the following circumstances:

(1)Personal information reveal because you tell your password to others or you share your registered account with others.

(2)Personal information revealed, lost, embezzled or juggled because of the hackers, virus or because of the government control that cause temporary close or because of any force majeure that affect the normal business of the internet.

(3)Personal information reveal or any legal issues or result because of other websites that linked from TBEA website. The statement of privacy and its correction, revision fall in to the right of TBEA website.

(4)Our company has no intention to collect information of the immature people, the guardian has to give instructions to them if they want to use our website, otherwise our company will be free from any responsibilities.


9. Questions and Suggestions

(1)If you want to consult or correct material please contact: and remark it with Privacy Policy.

(2)If you think we are not with these terms, please call or write mail to the following address and let us know.


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