2006-7-22| TBEA Signs The Whole Sets Contract of $339,000,000 with Tajik.. |
TBEA Signs The Whole Sets Contract of $339,000,000 with Tajikstan

During the Shanghai Economic Coorporation Meeting of June 14th,2006, which the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and State President Hu Jintao and Tajik President Emomali Rakhmonov attended, TBEA and the Electric Ministry of Tajikstan signed the whole set project contract packages of electricity transmission, with the total sum of $339,000,000. This contract is the largest international contract that domestic enterprises gain so far, and also one of the aid foreign projects with the preferential low interest loan that china government provides to members of Shanghai Economic Coorporation Meeting. This project plans to implement at August of this year, in which the power line project of 220kv transmission and transformation will be finished after 18 months of implementing, and the 500kv power transmission line project will be completed after 45 months of its implementing. The construction of this project will have great meaning in relieving the insufficient electricity supply situation of Tazhikstan and meet the energy demond of neighbour contries. The achievement of this project implies the change of TBEA from the electrical equipment supplier to the power transmission project general contractor, and the company's trade status and international competitiveness has been further enhanced.