TBEA Deyang cable stock corporation limited always focus on reaching the international management. The corporation established the ISO 90001 quality system in 1996 and established the ISO 14001 environment system and OHSAS18001 profession health management system in 2001. The three system have been conformed together and certified by China quality qualification center. The corporation concentrates on the improvement of environment and sticks to maintaining the environment and boosting the continuous development of economy and society. The corporation promises that: We will comply with the law, the regulation and other requirement of environment and health. We will improve the environmental consciousness of the staff and provide the necessary resource for the quality system and assure the effective operation and improvement of it. We will control and improve the pollution and reduce the discharge of the pollution. We will save the energy, enhance the recycle rate of the waste and reduce producing rate of the waste. After the establishment of the system, the corporation makes the environment theme and objective management scheme every year to improve the management efficiency. The energy for output of every 10 thousand has reduced by 20% and the usage rare of main raw material has improved by more than 1% compared with the original time of the establishment of the quality system. The waste made in the process of the manufacture can be reused and the waste which can not be used will be disposed to reach the standard of discharging waste. In 2006 the corporation have boost the supervising process of the clean manufacture. The corporation has set up the working team which is directly in the charge of the general manager and other backbones who especially specialize in the clean manufacture and asked for advice from professional institutions. On the basis of manufactured equipments, technical specification supervised by the corporation, the corporation collected the improving schemes from the whole corporation. Through the enforcement of these schemes, the corporation has boosted the efficiency of the environment management, the usage rate of the resource and reduced the discharge of the waste.

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