TBEA Deyang Cable co., Ltd is a stock limited company formed by five firms in 1998, including TBEA CO., Ltd which is the leading corporation in the field of transmission and transformation, Si Chuan electric equipment corporation and so on. It is one of the 105 suppliers of products for power transmission and transformation. The product in TBEA Deyang is honored as inspection-free products and famous brand in Si Chuan. The total output volume of the TBEA Deyang is more than 1 billion RMB. The corporation is also the top 20 in the field of wire and cable in China, the one of the 80 most important corporations in Si Chuan province, furthermore, TBEA Deyang wins many awards, such as "high credit corporation", "high technology corporation" and etc.

TBEA Deyang owned some sets of large-and medium-sized equipments for production, testing, and examination and inspection from Italy, Germany, Swiss, and etc. The corporation focuses on the innovation and upgrading basing on the technology center of Si Chuan, stick to adjusting and reforming the manufacturing and products. The corporation has designed and produced many high-tech products good for the environment-protection and social development. The product, silicon rubber cable, fluorin plastic computer cable, compensation conductor, guiding cable, large cross-section radiation cross linking cable, ultraviolet radiation-proof cable, low temperature cable and thunder resistant power cable All of which has reached the high level in the world. The patent of fire-resistant and clean cable wins the golden award in the Chinese international patent technology and product trade fair in 2005.

TBEA Deyang always produces 35kv and under 35kv XLPE insulated power cable, aerial bundled cable, clean cable, special cable for wind generator, track cable, silicon alkyl cross linking cable, PVC insulated power cable, control cable, high temperature corrosion-resistant fluorin plastic cable. Silicon plastic cable, prefabricated branched cable, computer cable, fire-resistant cable, fire-safe cable, all kinds of plastic wires, 1000kv and under 1000kv ACSR, AAC, transformer, copper strip for mechanical equipment, paper lapping round winding wire, component conductor, middle-rigidity copper strip and so on.

TBEA Deyang has passed ISO9001 quality system, ISO 14001 environment and OHSAS 18000 vocational safety and health management system, ISO 10012 state measurement system, whereby a perfect quality control system is in place, with the honor of a national advanced firm in measurement control.

TBEA Deyang always follow the rules of making Clients gratified, employees ease, stockholders disburden and makes much contribution to the whole society. The corporation has earned a lot of trust from spacious customers these years. The product has been widely used in the large project such as "Bei Jing Olympic stadium", "three gorges power plant", "Er Tan power plant", "Qing-Tibet railway system", "electricity transmission from the west to the east" in many field. Many products have been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Singapore, Australia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Syria, Bengal, India, Sudan, Angola and so on, widely establishing the sales network based on the southwest of China, focusing on China and facing the world.